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The Best Sim-Lab Deals & Discounts 2024

Compare the best prices for Sim-Lab sim racing cockpits, and view any deals and discounts for their wide range of sim racing rigs and cockpits including the mighty P1X Pro cockpit.

    About Sim-Lab

    Sim-Lab is one of the very best sim racing cockpit and sim rig brands. Their impressive product lineup include the mighty P1X Pro, which is widely regarded as one of the very best sim rigs.

    Sim-Lab XP1 Pedals
    Sim-Lab XP1 Pedals
    Best price Shop At Sim-Lab €549.00

    Introducing the Sim-Lab XP1 200KG Loadcell Pedal Set! Simulate any pedal of any car with the most complete sim-racing pedal set available. Carefully crafted

    Sim-Lab X1 Pro
    Sim-Lab X1-Pro
    Best price Shop At Sim-Lab From £1301

    The new X1-PRO cockpit sets a new benchmark regarding sim cockpit design and focuses on ergonomics and easy usage. This spacious cockpit is built

    Sim-Lab P1X Pro Cockpit
    Sim-Lab P1X Pro
    Best price Shop At Sim-Lab From £694

    The P1X Pro is the all-new ultimate version of our most successful cockpit ever. No compromises are made when it comes to rigidity, functionality

    Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Cockpit
    Sim-Lab GT1 Pro
    Best price Shop At Sim-Lab From £520

    The completely new GT1 Pro makes high-end simracing more accessible than ever. The renewed structure makes it rigid enough to handle the most intense

    Sim-Lab GT1 Evo Cockpit
    Sim-Lab GT1 Evo
    Best price Shop At Sim-Lab From £347

    The GT1 Evo sim racing cockpit is designed to feature the best of all worlds. For 2023 a new aluminum profile design makes this