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Fanatec Buyers Guide, Deals and Discounts

Fanatec has a large sim racing ecosystem. In this guide, I'll run through a complete Fanatec Buyers Guide, and show you the best deals and discounts for a range of Fanatec products.

Disclaimer: Some links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission when buying items through links on our website.

If you’ve been sim racing for a while, you will undoubtedly have come across the brand Fanatec. They are one of the largest manufacturers of sim racing gear, including wheels, pedals and other peripherals.

In this guide, I’m going to give you an overview of Fanatec as a company and show you their best sim racing products. I’ll look at where to buy Fanatec products, where to shop for Fanatec deals and what deals and discounts are currently available.

Who are Fanatec and what sim racing products do they create?

Fanatec is one of the largest sim racing manufacturers thanks to their established pedigree in sim racing over the past decade. They’ve amassed a large product range that includes sim racing wheels, pedals, shifters, handbrakes and more. Not only do Fanatec offer a large range of sim racing gear, but a lot of their products are also compatible with Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which can be a rarity in sim racing.

During 2021, Fanatec revolutionised direct drive racing wheels by releasing the CSL DD wheel base. This marked a new step forward for Fanatec and paved the way for smaller, more affordable high performance racing wheels.

Product lineup explained

Fanatec has always separated its products across three different product ranges. These product ranges offer different levels of performance across different price points and easily help sim racers choose products within their budget and desired performance range.

Below are each of Fanatec’s product ranges along with a small description of the performance and prices you can expect from each one.

Product rangePerformance levelPrice range
CSLEntry level products with lowest levels of performance.Budget
ClubSportIncreased performance whilst keeping one eye on budget.Mid-range
PodiumMaximum performance available regardless of cost.Premium

Fanatec CSL products

The entry point for any Fanatec product is their CSL range. This range includes the most accessible and affordable products that Fanatec offer. Here you will find budget-friendly sim racing pedals, a range of budget steering wheels and the popular CSL DD wheel base.

Fanatec ClubSport products

Moving up in both performance and price, you’ll find the Fanatec ClubSport range of sim racing products. All products in this category will offer better performance or more features compared to similar products in the CSL range.

Often, ClubSport steering wheels will have many more inputs compared to CSL steering wheels. The ClubSport V3 pedals are a huge improvement over the CSL Pedals offering much higher levels of performance and adjustability.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD wheel base and the PS5-compatible ClubSport DD+ wheel bases increase the peak torque available compared to the Fanatec CSL DD and GT DD Pro wheels. Both ClubSport wheel bases also introduce newer force feedback technology for a vastly improved sim racing experience.

However, this improved performance comes with an increase in price. Generally, ClubSport products won’t cost as much as the more premium-focused Podium range, however, the prices are certainly higher than Fanatec CSL products.

Fanatec Podium products

Sitting at the very top of Fanatec’s lineup of sim racing products is the Podium range. All products that come with a Podium label are designed to extract the highest levels of performance. For example, the Podium DD2 is the strongest Fanatec wheel base to date. However, you can expect to pay a lot more in most cases with Podium products. They offer the best sim racing experience at a high price point.

Are Fanatec products compatible across different product ranges?

Most Fanatec products offer compatibility across each range. For example, you can use a CSL steering wheel with a ClubSport or Podium wheel base. You can also use Podium steering wheels with lower-powered CSL wheel bases.

This is a nice approach as it really lets you prioritise what part of your sim racing setup is important to you. You may want the best performance from your wheel base, so you opt for a Podium wheel. Then you may like the look of a CSL steering wheel, so you pair that with your Podium wheel base.

Where to buy Fanatec products

The best place to buy Fanatec products is from their own website. Their site remains the sole place where you can purchase any and all Fanatec products. There are resellers available around the globe, however, most offer only a small selection of products from Fanatec’s expansive ecosystem.

Where to find Fanatec deals and discounts

Fanatec runs promotions and deals throughout the year. Often, deals can pop up to celebrate a new product launch or the creation of a new product bundle. However, keeping track of each of these deals can be hard. Rather than checking the Fanatec website every few weeks to see if any deals are active, you can check all of the latest Fanatec deals and discounts on

Our website is designed to keep track of the latest price drops and deals that Fanatec are running throughout the year. View the latest Fanatec deals at any time using the navigation menu at the top of this page, or by going to our Fanatec deals page.

You can view all Fanatec discounts and deals by checking out our Fanatec sim racing deals page.

Does Fanatec have Black Friday sales?

Fanatec does run Black Friday promotions and deals each year. Every year, the offering differs with some years providing much more or better deals than others. For example, the 2023 Fanatec Black Friday deals saw some great discounts become available.

These included a limited edition Fanatec Formula V2.5X steering wheel, which Fanatec has done for previous years as well. This limited edition sim racing steering wheel featured a unique colourway, with only a limited number of units available.

Other deals during the 2023 Fanatec Black Friday sale saw a selection of sim racing wheel and pedal bundles slashed in price. And you could also pick up a set of sim racing pedals at a much lower price than at other times of the year.

It can sometimes be worth waiting for a Black Friday sale, especially if you are considering buying new sim racing gear in the months before November. It sometimes pays to wait a little bit to see if the product you are shopping for gets discounted.

Fanatec normally only discount a small selection of products, so there is never a guarantee that the item you’re looking at will be included in any sale. If you don’t fancy waiting until the end of November Black Friday sales, or if you’re shopping for sim racing gear at different times of the year, check out our roundup of the best Fanatec deals below.

Current Fanatec deals, discounts and promos

Below are a few highlighted Fanatec deals that are currently active. This section will update as new Fanatec deals are added and expired deals have expired, so check back regularly.

You can view all Fanatec discounts and deals by checking out our Fanatec sim racing deals page.

Fanatec shipping explained

Fanatec has warehouses around the globe allowing them to deliver to various countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. During 2023 in particular, Fanatec had some logistic issues that did cause distribution and delivery to slow down. However, in 2024, many of these issues were resolved, and the majority of deliveries are being processed like normal.

How long does Fanatec take to ship?

Fanatec’s official policy on how long it takes them to ship and deliver products is that within 48 hours of your order being placed, your order will be shipped. However, this isn’t always the case, as during busy periods the delivery may slow down resulting in longer delivery times.

Depending on where you are located, once your Fanatec order has been processed and shipped, delivery can take between 5-7 days, although this can be longer in some destinations. For example, those in the UK and Canada may experience longer delivery times due to the products having to be imported from distribution warehouses in other countries.

Where does Fanatec ship from?

Fanatec has dedicated storefronts on its website for each region which helps your order be assigned to the closest distribution center to your location. In Europe, it is believed that deliveries originate in Germany, whilst in the USA, deliveries are often sent from Fanatec’s California warehouse. These locations aren’t confirmed, meaning your delivery could come from a different warehouse.

The best bet is to ensure you place your order from the correct Fanatec regional store. Below are links to each of Fanatec’s regional storefronts.

Frequently asked questions

Below are a range of questions that often get asked about Fanatec as a company and their products. I’ll do my best to answer each question as best as I can.

How do you pronounce Fanatec?

So this is a question that can spark some debate among sim racers. Let’s get this ever-so-important question out of the way. The official way to say Fanatec is “fa-nuh-tek”. However, the brand is so well recognised within sim racing, no matter how you pronounce it, most sim racers will know exactly who you’re talking about!

Where is Fanatec located?

Fanatec operates out of Landshut, Germany. This is where they are headquartered and where many of their staff work. However, Fanatec does have facilities across the globe, with warehouses in different countries to make shipping more viable.

Are Fanatec sim racing products worth it?

For a long time, Fanatec was looked at as one of the more premium sim racing manufacturers. Products such as their ClubSport and Podium ranges offered premium sim racing products that for a long time, many other brands couldn’t compete with. This did make many Fanatec products rather expensive though.

During the small direct drive wheel base revolution that was started by the Fanatec CSL DD wheel base, Fanatec products started becoming more accessible whilst maintaining high-performance levels. Since that moment in 2021, many other brands have entered the market and are offering increasingly competitive sim racing products.

However, Fanatec remains one of the most well-established and premium sim racing brands. Opting for a Fanatec ClubSport DD or Podium racing wheel can offer a huge leap in improvement over cheaper racing wheels. Fanatec has a huge ecosystem of sim racing products that are widely compatible with each other, and this offers a huge amount of choice to sim racers.

For these reasons, opting for Fanatec sim racing products is still a great option, as you will be getting fantastic performance across their entire range of sim racing hardware.

Article written by Felix

Felix co-founded after years of sim racing experience with different hardware. He has competed in sim racing esports competitions, and has been a writer for over 5 years with over a decade of sim racing experience. Felix has experience with a range of different sim racing hardware including racing wheels from Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Asetek and more, and he believes that upgrading sim racing hardware shouldn't be as expensive as it currently can be.

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