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MOZA Racing Buyers Guide, Deals and Discounts

MOZA Racing is quickly becoming one of the bigger sim racing brands thanks to their quick product releases. Here is an overview of the MOZA ecosystem and roundup of the best MOZA Racing deals and discounts.

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MOZA Racing is a growing sim racing brand. They’ve had an incredibly strong few years since their launch in 2021, and have continued to grow their ecosystem of sim racing products.

With the quick release of new products every few months, I thought I’d compile a complete MOZA Racing buyers guide. I’ll look at their most popular sim racing products from racing wheels to pedals and everything in between. I’ll also show you the latest MOZA deals and discounts and recommend where to buy MOZA products to find the best price.

Who are MOZA Racing?

Just a few years ago, the name MOZA Racing wouldn’t have meant very much to any sim racer. However, a lot has changed since their 2021 launch where they announced the R16 wheel base, the company’s first sim racing product. Now, MOZA are one of the most well-known names in sim racing due to their increasing lineup of quality products.

MOZA now have a lineup of six different wheel bases, six steering wheels and a range of other sim racing products including pedals, shifters, handbrakes and more.

MOZA Racing product lineup explained

Unlike a brand like Fanatec which likes to group its products into overarching product ranges, MOZA Racing opt for the opposite approach. MOZA doesn’t have any product ranges in the typical sense. Instead, each of their products fills a gap in the market and is designed to meet both specific performance and budget requirements.

Wheel bases

The perfect example of MOZA looking to design its products to meet consumer needs is present in its lineup of wheel bases. Each wheel base that MOZA sells offers an increasing level of performance along with an increase in its price to match the performance gain. This approach lets sim racers pick and choose their ideal performance level when shopping for a MOZA wheel base.

Below are all of the current generation of MOZA Racing wheel bases.

Wheel BasePerformancePrice
MOZA R33Nm£399 / $399
MOZA R55Nm£319 / $319
MOZA R99Nm£409 / $439
MOZA R1212Nm£589 / $589
MOZA R1616Nm£799 / $799
MOZA R2121Nm£999 / $999

Steering wheels

As well as six different wheel bases, MOZA also have six individual steering wheels to choose from. Much like their wheel bases, each steering wheel sits at a different price point and offers distinctly different features. Among their steering wheel lineup are three circular steering wheels and three formula-style wheels.

As you move up in terms of budget through each steering wheel, both the build quality and feature sets improve. The most premium MOZA steering wheel is the FSR Formula wheel which features a huge screen on the front that is capable of showing love telemetry from in-game.

Steering wheelPrice
ES Steering Wheel£129 / $129
KS Steering Wheel£279 / $279
CS V2 Steering Wheel£269 / $279
GS V2 GT Wheel£469 / $469
RS V2 Steering Wheel£439 / $439
FSR Formula Wheel£649 / $649


As well as steering wheels and racing wheels, MOZA has a selection of sim racing pedals available. Their pedal lineup is smaller than their racing wheel and steering wheel range, allow this is normal for most sim racing brands, as there is much less variety that can be integrated between pedal sets.

Much like their racing wheels and steering wheels though, MOZA’s pedal lineup ranges in both performance and budget across three different pedal sets. They have both the CRP pedals which are their high-end sim racing pedals, and their SR-P pedals which serve as a more budget pedal option. Their third pedal set is the SR-P Lite pedals which are only available to purchase as part of the R5 bundle.

SR-P Lite PedalsAvailable in R5 Bundle
SR-P Pedals£149 / $159
CRP Pedals£499 / $499

Other peripherals

Outside of the big three sim racing product categories, racing wheelssteering wheels and pedals. MOZA also offer a range of additional peripherals. These include various shifters, handbrakes, digital dashboards and more. Most of these categories only have one or two products within, meaning there isn’t as much choice as with MOZA’s racing wheels and pedals.

However, despite the more limited choice, you will still be able to create an entire MOZA sim racing setup using only MOZA products if that is the route you wish to go down.

Where to buy MOZA products

Choosing where to buy your MOZA products from is an important decision. There are a variety of resellers for MOZA products which can sometimes shorten delivery times. However, these resellers often have higher prices than MOZA directly, and almost always have a limited stock available.

For these reasons, purchasing your sim racing products directly from MOZA can sometimes be the best choice. You do have to check the estimated delivery time and cost involved as many MOZA products are shipped from China. This can lead to longer delivery times depending on where the products are being shipped to.

Below is an overview of some of the best places to buy MOZA Racing products.

MOZA Racing DirectWorldwide
GT OmegaUnited Kingdom
Ricmotech LLCUnited States

Where to find MOZA Racing deals

MOZA Racing is a fast-growing sim racing company that is really trying to disrupt the sim racing world. Because of this, they price their products competitively and run promotions at different times throughout the year.

The best place to keep an eye on the best MOZA Racing deals and discounts is using our MOZA deal tracker. This page updates whenever we find a new MOZA deal, and it shows all active deals, discounts, promos and bundles that are currently available.

Using our MOZA deals tracker can save you a lot of time having to manually look and shop around for the best prices on MOZA sim racing products.

Current MOZA deals, discounts and promos

Below are the latest MOZA deals and discounts. These deals are updated as deals are added to so check back to see new deals, or use the links below to view all MOZA Racing discounts.

You can view all MOZA discounts and deals by checking out our MOZA sim racing deals page.

MOZA Racing shipping and delivery explained

MOZA is a Chinese sim racing brand with its primary manufacturing and distribution done from China. This does pose the question for sim racers who are looking to buy their sim racing products across the globe, “where will MOZA Racing ship from?”

Where does MOZA Racing ship from?

If you order your MOZA sim racing products from its website directly, there is a good chance that your products will be sent from China. However, you can select different shipping methods during the checkout on MOZA’s website.

If you are based in the US or the EU, some MOZA Racing products are available for ground delivery originating in either the US or EU. This can vastly increase the speed at which you’ll receive your MOZA delivery, with the shortest delivery window being 3-7 days.

This fast shipping is only available on a small selection of sim racing products however, meaning that if you order a large selection of products at once, or you buy a product that isn’t stored in a local warehouse, your order will come from China.

MOZA Racing Domestic Shipping

Do I have to pay import tax on MOZA shipping?

One of the negatives of MOZA shipping their products from China is that there is a high likelihood that you’ll have to pay import charges or additional tax, depending on where you are located.

Of course, this won’t apply to every country, so I’d recommend checking the import tax status of your country before purchasing. However, for those buying MOZA products in the UK, parts of Europe and parts of North America, import duty can be an additional charge to be aware of.

Frequently asked questions

I often get asked about MOZA and its products, partially because they are a relatively new brand in sim racing. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is MOZA Racing Chinese?

Yes, MOZA Racing is a sim racing brand that is located and operates in China. They are a partner company of Gudsen MOZA.

Where is MOZA Racing racing located?

As mentioned in the question above, MOZA Racing is a Chinese brand that has its headquarters in China.

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