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Where To Compare Prices Of Sim Racing Products

It can be hard to find the best prices for sim racing products. There can often be multiple resellers to check, and sim racing products can sell out quickly. This guide runs through how to find the best prices for all sim racing products.

Disclaimer: Some links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission when buying items through links on our website.

While sim racing can be an expensive hobby to jump into, finding the best prices for any sim racing products you purchase can really help you save some money. Sim racing brands and resellers often run discounts and deals throughout the year, however, finding these and finding the product you are after before it is sold out can be a tricky feat.

In this guide, I’ll run through the best places to compare sim racing prices for racing wheels, pedals, sim rigs and more.

Make the most of sim racing deals

The best way to decrease the amount you pay for your sim racing setup is to make use of deals as and when they pop up. Depending on your desired brand and the product you’re looking for, deals can some times be hard to come across. Read our tips below to maximise your chances of finding the perfect sim racing deal that you’re looking for.

How to find sim racing deals

Some sim racing brands sell their products exclusively on their own website, and this can make it easy to keep track of the best prices. It means you only have to check one website to always see the best price. And quite often, following a brand on Twitter will alert you to new deals and discounts going live.

However, many, if not most sim racing brands also utilise resellers to sell their products. In this scenario, it can be much harder to keep track of the best price. The product can be on sale at a variety of different stores, both physical and digital. This can mean you may have to check multiple websites to find the best price.

Just take a look at the reseller network for sim racing cockpit manufacturer Next Level Racing. They utilise a huge network with multiple resellers across a number of different countries. The list below scrolls to reveal even more resellers and that is just their European distribution network!

Next Level Racing Reseller Network

When sim racing brands utilise large numbers of resellers, it is often beneficial to try and use a price comparison website or a sim racing deal aggregator. These platforms can do a lot of the heavy lifting for you by showing you the best price for any sim racing product across a range of retailers.

Our platform, is one of the best sim racing deal finding platforms. The website showcases the best prices for a range of the most popular sim racing equipment and is updated with daily deals.

As new sim racing deals become available, the website is updated to reflect the best price along with which retailer the best price is available at. Finding the product that you’re looking for couldn’t be any easier.

La Prima Wheelbase & Quick Release Bundle
Option 1: Browse the latest deals

You can browse the latest sim racing deals page to see which deals have popped up. This page showcases the most recent price updates and sim racing deals that have gone live. It’s a great way of browsing a wide range of sim racing products from racing wheels to cockpits, pedals to consoles and PCs. And it’s ideal if you aren’t 100% sure on which sim racing product you plan on buying.

Option 2: Browse by product type or brand

If you have a more specific idea of what you are looking for, for example, say it’s a racing wheel. You can browse all racing wheel deals and discounts using the “product type” pages. These pages collate all sim racing products of a certain category together.

If you are looking for a specific sim racing brand, and want to browse all of their current sim racing deals and compare prices, you can browse using the “brand pages”. There are a wide range of sim racing brands listed on which you can browse using the links in the navigation bar, or dotted throughout the website.

Option 3: Search for a specific product

Another way of searching for the best price comparison on a specific sim racing product is to search for it directly. You may not have a lot of time to browse a variety of products. In this case, you can use the search bar on the homepage or deals page to search for a specific brand, product type or individual sim racing product.

Discord Groups

Another great option to find the latest deals is to join a Discord group that is within the sim racing space. The official Discord group is the perfect place to share and discuss sim racing deals. There is also an automatic feed of the latest sim racing deals that you can subscribe to. This will notify you when new deals as soon as they’re posted on

How do I know if a deal is good or not?

Different sim racing brands run their own promotions at different times throughout the year, and some of these sales are certainly better than others. This can make it tricky to know if you’re getting the best price possible. To throw more confusion into the mix, third-party resellers also run their own promotions that are separate from the sales that manufacturers run.

Sim racing price comparison

Generally, the best prices for sim racing products can be found around Black Friday and the holiday period. However, this certainly isn’t always the case. As with all products, prices can sometimes be artificially inflated just before Black Friday to make any discounts look better than they actually are. In fact, you can sometimes pick up a better price if a manufacturer or reseller runs their own promotion throughout the year.

All of the sim racing deals that are listed on include both the sale price as well as the RRP. This can make it easier to spot a good deal compared to a small price reduction. You can view the difference between the sale price and RRP while browsing for a sim racing deal as well as on the deal page itself.

What are the best sim racing brands?

There are a huge number of sim racing brands, with more now than at any point previous. Many sim racing brands popped up over the past few years and have made a big splash in the community. Some of these brands differentiate themselves with high quality products or with lower price points.

This all means that sim racers have as much choice over the products they choose than ever before. This lets sim racers stick to their favourite brands, or mix and match products from a variety of brands.

While I wouldn’t say that there is any single sim racing brand that is better than others, there are some popular sim racing brands that I’d highly recommend. Below is a list of some of the most popular sim racing brands around along with the products they sell.

BrandProducts SoldPrice Range
AsetekRacing wheels
Mid-range to premium
MOZA RacingRacing wheels
Other peripherals
Budget to premium
FanatecRacing wheels
Other peripherals
Mid-range to premium
LogitechRacing wheels
Budget to mid-range
ThrustmasterRacing wheels
Other peripherals
Budget to mid-range
Mid-range to premium
Next Level RacingCockpitsMid-range to premium
GT OmegaCockpitsBudget to mid-range

Sim racing gear recommendations

The brands listed above are all incredibly popular sim racing brands that between them share a big part of the sim racing market. The products they create are very good and widely used and recommended. Below are a few quick recommendations for specific types of sim racing products along with the best deals for each product.

Sim racing wheel recommendations

A sim racing wheel is at the forefront of any sim racing setup. It is the part that you interact with more than any other, and it sits right in your line of sight. For these reasons, many sim racers prioritise a racing wheel that looks good and functions well.

Below is a quick overview of some of the best sim racing wheels that you can currently buy. Each of these racing wheels can fit into any sim racing setup, however, some are restricted by console or cross-brand compatibility.

Racing wheelPrice rangePeak torque
Logitech G923Budget2.3Nm
Thrustmaster T818Mid-range10Nm
MOZA R12Mid-range12Nm
Fanatec GT DD ProMid-range8Nm
Asetek FortePremium18Nm
Fanatec ClubSport DD+Premium15Nm
Fanatec DD2Premium25Nm

Sim racing pedal recommendations

There are’t as many variations of sim racing pedals available compared to racing wheels, however there is still a lot of choice. Sim racing pedals range from budget-friendly potentiometer pedals that measure the pedal distance, through to load cell and hydraulic pedals that measure force like a real-world car would.

Load cell sim racing pedals are a perfect middle ground between budget and premium as they measure your braking force which can help you brake more consistently and accurately every lap. Hydrualic sim racing pedals are a nice luxury to have and they certainly can feel more realistic than a load cell brake pedal. however, the increased price of a hydraulic pedal often outweighs the improvement in performance.

Below are some sim racing pedals that I’d highly recommend considering. I’ve included a variety of pedals from budget-friendly options to more premium pedals, all of which perform incredibly well within their price range.

Sim racing pedalsPrice rangeTechnology
Fanatec CSL PedalsBudgetPotentiometer
Thrustmaster T-LCMBudgetLoad Cell
Fanatec ClubSport V3Mid-rangeLoad Cell
Asetek ForteMid-rangeLoad Cell
Sim-Lab XP-1PremiumLoad Cell
Heusinkveld Ultimate+PremiumHydraulic

Sim racing cockpit recommendations

Another really important part of any sim racing setup is how you mount your racing wheel, pedals and other peripherals. A great all-in-one solution is to use a sim racing cockpit or sim rig to mount everything too. This solution means that all of your equipment is bolted down and secured sturdy everytime you want to sim race.

The downside of a sim racing cockpit is that they take up a fair bit of space, and they can be expensive. You can table or desk mount some lower powered racing wheels or opt for a wheel stand. Wheel stands are great as they can serve as a secure base to mount your wheel and pedals to, but they can also be folded away to save on space.

Below are a selection of the best sim racing wheel stands and cockpits which I’d highly recommend.

Sim racing cockpitsPrice rangeForm
GT Omega Classic Wheel StandBudgetWheel Stand
Next Level Racing F-GTMid-rangeCockpit
Sim-Lab GT1 EvoMid-rangeCockpit
Sim-Lab P1X ProPremiumCockpit

Why do sim racing products sell out so quickly?

One issue that has been prevalent during some sim racing discounts and sale events is that certain products can sell out incredibly quickly. Limited edition products and highly sought-after sim racing products can sell out in under a day depending on the price reduction.

This happens for a few reasons. While sim racing is a niche hobby, it is growing, meaning more sim racers are shopping for the same products, especially around sale periods. This hasn’t always been reflected in manufacturing with some brands not replenishing their stock as fast as its purchased.

Sim racing products are also incredibly complex with the use of internal motors and chipsets. When there are shortages of any of these parts, it can slow down production which could result in limited quantities of sim racing products being available to purchase.


Hopefully, the tips and information in this guide will help you find the best sim racing deals slightly easier, allowing you to save the most money when shopping for an upgrade or new product.

Article written by Felix

Felix co-founded after years of sim racing experience with different hardware. He has competed in sim racing esports competitions, and has been a writer for over 5 years with over a decade of sim racing experience. Felix has experience with a range of different sim racing hardware including racing wheels from Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Asetek and more, and he believes that upgrading sim racing hardware shouldn't be as expensive as it currently can be.

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