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Where To Find Fanatec Deals & Discounts

Discover the best place to find Fanatec deals and discounts throughout the year. This Fanatec buyer's guide will run through how and where to find the best Fanatec discounts.

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Finding sim racing deals can be a tricky and sometimes time intensive process, and finding Fanatec deals or discounts can be even trickier. The German sim racing brand don’t often run promotions or discounts across its sim racing product lineup.

However, there are some Fanatec deals to be had at different times of the year. In this guide, I’m going to look at how to find Fanatec deals and discounts to save yourself money when buying a new sim racing wheel or other peripheral.

Are there Fanatec deals or discounts year round?

Fanatec tends to keep its best deals and discounts for seasonal sales events. These include the lead up to Christmas and Black Friday. However, Fanatec has been known to drop exclusive products or discount some sim racing hardware to celebrate milestones or game releases. Previous F1 games have been celebrated with limited edition Fanatec steering wheels in the past.

At, we do our best to find the best Fanatec deals and discounts throughout the year. I’d recommend checking our Fanatec deals page before making any purchases to see if the product you are after is available at a lower price.

The best way to save money when buying Fanatec products throughout the year is to make the most of the bundles they offer.

The best Fanatec bundles that save you money

Despite Fanatec not running too many deals or promotions throughout the year, they often have a variety of sim racing bundles that offer better value than purchasing each item individually. The Fanatec Ready2Race bundles are the perfect example of this.

These bundles include the CSL DD wheel base along with a steering wheel and pedal set to create a complete sim racing bundle. Typically the Fanatec CSL DD costs from €349 in its 5Nm format. However, when combined as part of the Ready2Race bundles, the price of the CSL DD wheel base drips significantly to just €199.95.

That represents a huge saving, almost cutting the price in half. Below is an example of one of Fanatec’s Ready2Race bundles and how much you can save by purchasing a pre-made Fanatec bundle.

ProductIndividual Price
CSL DD wheel base€349.95
McLaren GT3 V2 wheel€199.95
CSL Pedals€79.95
Total price€629.85
Ready2Race Bundle Price€479.85

You can see from this price breakdown that you are saving €150 by opting to buy the products as part of a bundle. This is a big saving and can go towards upgrading another part of your sim racing setup.

View the Fanatec CSL DD Ready2Race McLaren bundle and how much you can save with this deal.

When is the best time of year to buy Fanatec products?

Generally, Fanatec tend to run its best deals throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In previous years, the Fanatec Black Friday disconts have been very hit and miss.

The Fanatec Black Friday sale in 2023 was particularly good with decent discounts available on a good number of popular products. However, in contrast previous years have been not so good with discounts on older stock or not many discounts being available.

If you are thinking about upgrading your sim racing setup with a Fanatec product, it may be worth waiting until Black Friday to see if the item you’re looking for does go in the sale.

Typically, Fanatec release Black Friday specific bundles that group various products together at a cheaper price than normal. You may also find that products such as the ClubSport shifter and handbrake as well as other lower priced peripherals get a reduction in price as this has happened previously.

If you are looking to buy an individual large item such as the ClubSport DD+ wheel base, you may not find this in the Black Friday sale. Typically, larger high value items like this won’t be discounted, instead they may be included in a unique bundle.

Using to find Fanatec deals

Our website is designed to help you save money when buying sim racing deals. We strive to post the most up-to-date and best deals across a range of sim racing brands including Fanatec.

If you are looking to find the best price on a Fanatec product at any time of the year, I’d recommend checking out our dedicated Fanatec deals page. This page is updated regularly with new Fanatec discounts, bundles and deals.

You can browse through all Fanatec discounts, deals and bundles or search directly for specific product types using our navigation menu at the top of each page. Searching by pedals or steering wheels as an example can help you find the deals you are looking for quicker.

Fanatec deals and discounts at

Current Fanatec deals, discounts and promos

The quickest way to check the current Fanatec deals is on our dedicated Fanatec deal tracker. That page will be regularly updated with new deals and offers as they become available so check back regularly.

Currently, Fanatec are running discounts on a selection of steering wheels as well as offering the Ready2Race bundles at a cheaper price compared to purchasing individually.

You can view all Fanatec discounts and deals by checking out our Fanatec sim racing deals page.

Best place to buy Fanatec products

Unlike many sim racing brands, Fanatec doesn’t have a large reseller network. Instead, Fanatec sells its products directly through its web store, and it has regional stores for different parts of the globe. The affiliate links below will take you to each regional Fanatec store.

Frequently asked questions

Do Fanatec discount its products?

Periodically throughout the year, you can find some Fanatec products at a discounted price such as its range of steering wheels currently. You can also purchase Fanate bundles that make the cost of buying multiple products lower.

Does Fanatec have Black Friday deals?

Over the past few years Fanatec has run Black Friday deals. These typically include Black Friday specific bundles as well as some price reductions on specific hardware.

Can you buy Fanatec in the UK?

Fanatec does deliver to the UK from its EU shipping hub. This can result in import charges making products slightly more expensive. There are some retailers based in the UK that do stock Fanatec products. Check out where to buy Fanatec products.

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