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GT Omega Buyers Guide, Deals and Discounts

GT Omega produces a fantastic range of sim racaing cockpits and wheel stands at very competitive prices. Read our GT Omega buyers guide for our top recommendations and deals.

Disclaimer: Some links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn an affiliate commission when buying items through links on our website.

GT Omega is a sim racing cockpit and gaming brand that produces a wide array of cockpits, wheel stands, racing seats and more. Their wheel stands in particular offer a fantastic budget option for sim racers who want to mount their racing wheel and pedals to a solid surface. Their wheel stands can be stored away and even converted to full sim racing cockpits.

Aside from their wheel stands, GT Omega also sells a range of dedicated sim racing cockpits as well as racing seats, accessories and gaming chairs. Here is a complete GT Omega buyers guide designed to help you learn about GT Omega’s offerings, discover the best deals and narrow down which products are the best fit for you.

GT Omega’s ecosystem explained

GT Omega has a rather large ecosystem consisting of a range of sim racing cockpits and wheel stands. The great thing about the GT Omega product lineup is that no matter your budget, there is a mounting option suited for you.

Wheel stands

At the more budget-friendly end, you have a couple of wheel stands. Both the CLASSIC and APEX wheel stands let you mount a racing wheel, shifter and pedal set. The wheel stand acts as a single mounting platform rather than you having to mount your racing wheel to a desk or table.

The best thing about wheel stands is that they are incredibly versatile. Once you are finished sim racing, you can fold the wheel stand up (with your wheel and pedal still mounted) and store it away. This is ideal for those short on space. You can also go the other way. By purchasing a rear seat frame, you can convert your wheel stand into a complete sim racing cockpit.

The versatility and low cost of a wheel stand make it the perfect option for those new to sim racing. You can expand it into a complete sim rig if required and still maintain the ability to sim race without having a permanent cockpit set up.

Below are both of the GT Omega wheel stands that you can currently buy.

GT Omega CLASSIC Wheel Stand£99.95 / $129.95
GT Omega APEX Wheel Stand£129.95 / $149.95

Sim racing cockpits

Moving up in terms of budget, you’ll get to GT Omega’s sim racing cockpit lineup. There are currently four cockpits that you can buy with each one offering something different to each other. Each of the cockpits are standalone sim rigs, meaning they ideally need to be set up at all times unlike the flexibility of the wheel stands.

The GT Omega cockpits are incredibly well priced, with the cheapest, the ART simulator starting from just £199 / $239 if purchased without a racing seat. There are two distinctly different styles of sim racing cockpit that GT Omega produce.

Both the ART and Titan cockpits utilise metal frames to create an all-in-one-style cockpit. The ART racing cockpit uses a square metal frame, whilst the Titan uses a tubular frame. Both incorporate an up-and-over wrapping design allowing you to mount a racing wheel and pedal set and still have good access in and out from the sides.

The PRIME and PRIME Lite cockpits are both aluminium profile sim rigs. These utilise aluminium extrusion to create a more modular and customisable sim racing cockpit, in a very similar way to Sim-Lab cockpits. The PRIME Lite offers a cheaper and more accessible route into an aluminium profile sim rig. Whilst the PRIME cockpit is more heavy-duty and able to support more powerful sim racing wheels.

Racing CockpitPrice
ART CockpitFrom £199 / $239
Titan CockpitFrom £299 / $389
PRIME Lite CockpitFrom £399 / $549
PRIME CockpitFrom £579 / $739

Which GT Omega sim racing cockpits are the best pick?

Each of GT Omega’s different racing cockpits, sim rigs and wheel stands fits into a different place in the sim racing market. Wheel stands are fantastic budget options, the ART racing cockpit is a great entry-level full-sized cockpit, while the PRIME is the most premium and sturdy GT Omega cockpit you can buy.

For this reason, every sim racer will find themselves gravitating more towards certain sim racing cockpits. Below is an overview of my recommendation for the best GT Omega sim racing cockpit for a few different circumstances.

Buying reasonRecommendation
Looking for a budget cockpit that can be stored awayAPEX Wheel Stand
Looking for a budget full-sized cockpitART Cockpit
Looking for the sturdiest cockpit availablePRIME Cockpit

Where can I buy GT Omega products?

GT Omega sells their cockpits to the US, EU and UK directly on their website. There are regional stores for each of these regions, and depending on where you are located in the world, your order will be shipped from a different facility.

Quite often the cheapest place to find GT Omega cockpits is on their own website. They run promotions and deals throughout the year and probably run more sale events than most other sim racing brands. For this reason, I’d highly recommend looking on their website when it comes to buying a GT Omega cockpit.

The only other reseller that GT Omega uses is Amazon. If you feel more confident purchasing from Amazon you can do so on both the UK and US Amazon stores. The products listed on Amazon are sold and fulfilled by GT Omega, so you may get a better price by going direct to their website. It’s always worth checking both retailers.

Cheap GT Omega deals

The best place to find GT Omega deals and discounts is over on our deals tracker. We update our website regularly as new deals and sales are announced, with the goal of always listing the best price available for GT Omega products.

Below are the most recent GT Omega discounts.

You can view all of their discounts and deals by checking out our GT Omega deals page.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about GT Omega as a brand and their sim racing cockpits.

Are GT Omega racing cockpits as good as others?

During my testing of various GT Omega cockpits and wheel stands, I have found the quality to be excellent. They specialise more in budget to mid-range cockpits and wheel stands, meaning a premium cockpit brand may produce higher quality solutions, but will almost certainly be more expensive.

How long does it take to build a GT Omega PRIME cockpit?

Building any aluminium profile sim racing cockpit will take a good amount of time. Generally, it should be a two-person job, although can be done solo. I would recommend setting aside around 5 hours to build the GT Omega PRIME cockpit.

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